Blueberry extract

Vaccinium corymbosum. Beautiful reddish liquid (between burgundy and carmine colour), rich in polyphenols of natural origin. In its composition, anthocyanins, flavonols and procyanidins and a high content of chlorogenic acid, stand out.

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Its antimicrobial activity against resistant pathogenic microorganisms has been demonstrated. Its antioxidant activity is equivalent to the one of the synthetic preservative BHA (Butilhydroxyanisole), widely used in food. It is also offered in a solid state. It can be the basis of formulations for antioxidant and/or preservative purposes in the animal and human food sectors. Its bactericidal and/or bacteriostatic activity (including anti-biofilm) makes it an excellent option for the disinfection of biotic or abiotic surfaces, or the treatment of infections of microbial origin in the animal health and veterinary sectors (livestock and pets).

The extract is also available in other media (propylene glycol, ethanol, water, etc.) and in solid state. For more información, don’t hesitate to contact the I+D Service.

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